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"The origins of the Tarot are veiled in the mists of history. The cards reflect the deepest aspects of human experience and offer amazing insights to those who gain the skill to read them. Like any other skill, it takes study and experience to master the mysteries of the Tarot"
Remember My Motto:
"The Mysterious Tarot Can Show You The Path To Great Relationships, Jobs, and Even Wealth"

Creator of
Tarot Card Reading Secrets

Dear Friend,

     Congratulations, you've found this site. There are many paths that may have led you here. A friend may have recommended it. Perhaps you found it on an internet search. Maybe you were referred by a well-meaning site that digs into the real significance of things beneath surface existence

     Wherever you come from, know that you are welcome because you are a seeker and that makes you very special. As you read every word of this letter, certain truths will become evident. Don't worry, it simply means that you are on the right path.

I have spent years getting the Tarot to unveil its secrets. It hasn't always been easy. Sometimes, as in all pursuits worth following, the path has been difficult. I have discovered things about myself, my relationships, and my loved ones that were not always pleasant. Two things for certain, they have always been true, and they have always made me a stronger, better person.

I am going to share a safe, effective, and proven method of reading the Tarot that never fails with you, but first I need to make a couple of things clear.

"The Tarot is NOT a Parlor Game"

     Your approach to the Tarot dictates what it will reveal to you. If you approach the Tarot like a game, expect silly answers. If you approach the Tarot with respect, expect it to reveal profound revelations about your current situation.

     The meaning of each card, its placement, and its bearing on your situation will come to you intuitively if you approach the Tarot properly. It takes practice, but it will come. The more you interact with the Tarot, the more it will reveal to you and the more you will come to trust it.

     Start with thinking of the Tarot like a wise, friendly aunt who has your best interest at heart.

     One more thing...

"Meditation: the Key to Understanding the Tarot"

     Each card in the Tarot has an inherent, intrinsic meaning of its own. Often, drawing one card from the deck is all you need to do to reveal meaning if you've taken the time to understand the significance of the card.

     So, familiarize yourself with each card. Approach its meaning with an open mind. Learn from the work of others. I will tell you the standard meaning of each card, but it will only be a surface interpretation until you study the cards and allow them to reveal their arcane symbolism to you.

     One of the most beautiful things about the Tarot is that it reveals itself according to the needs and depth of understanding of the reader.

     A truly amazing thing...

"Finally, a Way to Learn the Tarot For Everybody"

     Tarot Card Reading Secrets is the key that you have been looking for. Using simple, easy to understand videos to lead you through card readings, Tarot Card Reading Secrets guides you to a deeper understanding of Tarot, stripping away the jargon, and allowing you to interact with the cards in a truly meaningful way.

"The Origins of Tarot Card Reading Secrets"

     My friends and clients had been pressuring me to write a book on Tarot. Somehow, the idea of writing a book just didn't appeal to me. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm an avid reader, as I'm sure many of you are, but people have very different ways of learning. Some people are aural learners - they learn by listening. Some people are visual learners - they learn by seeing. Tactile learners learn by doing, feeling, and touching.

     So, I thought, "Why not use the medium of video to appeal to as many people as possible?"

     That just makes sense, doesn't it?

     So, that's what I did. My staff videotaped one of my seminars and we went to work editing and adding commentary to make everything clear to anyone who wanted to learn.

     The end result is Tarot Card Reading Secrets which is, as far as I know, the only series of videos anywhere that teaches Tarot the way it has been learned for centuries - watch, try, and learn by doing. I thought about all the readers throughout history who have handed down their insights to other readers, and it just felt right.

     By the way, this is the exact same material I give to people who attend my seminars for a fee of $297. You are going to be very surprised and pleased when I tell you for how little I am offering these videos.

     But more about that later...

"Here's What You Can Expect From Tarot Card Reading Secrets"

Uncover truths about past, present, and future relationships.This is amazing because your true love may be right under your nose, and knowing these details could help you find them.

Reveal details about career choices Since your career choice is one of the most important decisions you can make in life, knowing the best path to follow is absolutely critical I've seen some people learn unknown career options during a Tarot card reading that lead them to a happy, stable, and lucrative life.
Discover insights into your past,and use that information to make better choices moving forward.
Understand those around youand see if their influence is helping you, or holding you back.

"Here's a Taste of What's Waiting For You On The Other Side"

The best card layouts to use when starting out, and what to use when you progress. (I'll hand you over my best layouts on a silver platter.)

How to know whether a certain card should be seen as positive or negative!

How to determine exactly if a Tarot card reading is revealing opportunities, or serving as a warning.

How to tap into the aspects of the Tarot card layout that show you what is waiting for you in your future.

What you need to do prior to any reading to be in the proper frame of mind.

The 2 different ways that you can associate the cards to each other.

The types and kinds of card combinations that you can make. You need to know what they are because the cards have different interpretations based on which card they are paired with.

The secret to knowing if your Tarot card reading is right . This one alone can save you from the frustration of having a reading that doesn't make sense!

and much, much more...

"What if Tarot Card Reading Secrets Doesn't Work For Me?"

     It will. These techniques have worked for thousands of years. They have been handed down from generation to generation and now they are being handed to you.

    But don't take my word for it...


"Here's What My Clients Have to Say About Tarot Card Reading Secrets"

"I Love Giving Tarot Card Readings For My Friends"

Hey Stacey,

I just wanted to let you know that Tarot card reading course I got from you a few weeks ago is awesome.

I'll be honest, I thought that it was going to be really hard to get the hang of it...boy was I wrong!

The course is an easy read, which I was thankful for. Hope you do another online course, cause I'm ready to get more.

Christine Richards

"I'm So Happy That I'm Finally Engaged!"

Greetings Ms. Rena!

I took your advice and familiarized myself with the cards first.

I felt really good about the reading I gave myself, and was quickly able to identify a negative aspect that was preventing my relationship from moving forward.

Thanks again for "showing me the way" with your guide.

Shiloh Westin

"What Is The Value of an Enriched Life?"

     New worlds will open to you when you learn Tarot. The value of the insights gained from knowing it is invaluable. In fact many readers choose to make a good living doing Tarot readings for others. Keep in mind, though, that any personal gain you may achieve is always balanced with the good you do for others.

     So, what if I told you that Tarot Card Reading Secrets was free? Would you try it then?

     What if I told you that you only had to pay for it if it worked for you?

     Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

"My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

mOpen this new door right now. Download Tarot Card Reading Secrets and give it a try. Examine the content thoroughly, and try the techniques for yourself. I believe you will be well pleased.

In fact, I'm so sure of it that I will personally promise you this: If your are not 100% absolutely delighted with Tarot Card Reading Secrets, I will give you every penny of your money back. No hassles, no questions, no trouble at all - just a cheerful refund.

And I'll give you a full 90 days to make up your mind.

Is that fair enough?

Oh, and one more thing...

"Here's Exactly What I'm Offering You Today"

     One complete copy of Tarot Card Reading Secrets for only $29.

     That's right, all the material from my $297 seminar yours to keep and play any time you want. You can learn at your own pace and play the videos until you have a firm grasp of the principles in the privacy of your own home.

     Think about that. That's less than the cost of lunch at a decent restaurant.

     But wait, there's a special incentive for people who act now.

If You Are One of Fifty Lucky People, These Bonuses are Yours to Keep Forever, and You Pay Nothing

0001 Bonus #1: "Sample Reading" Video Tutorial
So often, things are better explained by seeing rather than reading. This video shows me giving a sample Tarot card reading, and explaining the cards as I go through it. I wish I had something like this when I was first learning to read Tarot. An absolute gem for those new to Tarot. (a $77 value)
0001 Bonus #2: "Card Layout Visual Instructionals"
This reference list will save you hours and hours of hunting through piles of information online trying to find each federal agency's contact information and web contact information. Short circuit their contact mess, and get right where you want to go. (a $12 value)
0001 Bonus #3: "Major Arcana" Quick Reference - Use this handy guide to quickly interpret cards from the Major Arcana and likely meanings. This reference guide can get you reading cards in the Major Arcana in minutes. (a $19 value)
0001 Bonus #4: "Minor Arcana" Quick Reference - This reference list will save you hours and hours of hunting through piles of information trying to find each meaning for the cards from the Minor Arcana. Each card has a different meaning, and this reference sheet short-circuits normal learning methods, and gets you the right meanings exactly when you need them. (a $27 value)

A whopping $152 in bonus material just for acting now.

Important Note: This offer is limited to 50 people only on a first come first serve basis.

Please do not be angry with me if you come back to this site and this offer is no longer here. Please do not ask for it because it will no longer be available except at regular pricing.

"Let's Take a Moment to Review What You've Learned"

     Now you have a solid overview of Tarot Card Reading Secrets. You've seen a sample video and read the testimonials of people who have used Tarot Card Reading Secrets to great advantage. You know there is no financial risk when you purchase, that if you're not totally satisfied, you pay nothing.

     So, now there's only a few details left...

"Let's Take a Moment to Review What You've Learned"

     Now you have a solid overview of Tarot Card Reading Secrets. You've seen a sample video and read the testimonials of people who have used Tarot Card Reading Secrets to great advantage. You know there is no financial risk when you purchase, that if you're not totally satisfied, you pay nothing.

     So, now there's only a few details left...

Here's What You Need To Do Right Now

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    Best wishes and success,
    Stacey Rena
    Creator, Tarot Card Reading Secrets


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